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Welcome to My Blog January 12, 2009

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Welcome to my blog. 

I am hoping to provide a breath of fresh air and help people to find and try their creativity.  I love baking, reading, and doing paper projects.  I’ve also recently discovered a passion for photography that I am hoping to further explore in 2009.  I find inspiration in so many different things and want to share that with people.  I work full time and follow my creativity during “off time.”  I’ll share favorites here, great services to help you have more time for your passion and general information.  I hope you enjoy and come back soon and visit. 

Enjoy the week and why not try try something new this week to reclaim your creativity?


2 Responses to “Welcome to My Blog”

  1. Congrats on the launch of your blog!


  2. Don’t forget to post pictures too of some of your creative projects!

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