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Snow and Chocolate Chip Cookies January 18, 2009

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Ready to eat, fresh from the oven

Ready to eat, fresh from the oven

There’s nothing like a good snow storm to bring out the need for comfort food.  Maybe it goes back to my childhood days, when I used to walk to the store to get a bag of chocolate chips and came home to bake cookies during a snow storm for my family.  So to me, there’s nothing like hot chocolate chip cookies from the oven during a snow storm.  While we got another 8 inches of snow today, I baked my favorite Toll House chocolate chip ccookies.   Check out the traditional Toll House Cookie Recipe from the Very Best Baking web site from Nestle.  Then head for the store, pick up a bag of your favorite chocolate chips and during the next snow storm or just for fun, try baking a batch and see the smile and joy that comes to your family when those cookies come out of the oven.  Enjoy and don’t forget the milk.


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