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Creativity for a $1 January 28, 2009

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Most of my friends know that I love to shop and I love a bargain even more.  On Monday night after work, I went into Michael’s Arts and Craft store, one of my favorite haunts.  If you have never been you need to check it out.  They have $1 bins filled with all sorts of fun finds.  So,when I walked in and saw the new stuff they have in their $1 bins, I couldn’t believe the jackpot I hit.  For a $1 you can get everything from scrapbooking items, thank you notes, napkins, coasters, gardening gloves and even plastic plates and bowls.


For $5, I got a shaped chipboard album, paper, a roll of ribbon, journal tags and either stickers or chipboard accent pieces.  Everything matched, so what a bonus for the side of me that likes to have everything coordinated.   You can add your own pictures, journaling and instant album.  You can break apart the album and use them as gift tags, journaling, an accent on a scrapbook page, or possibly invitations?  Lots of options and all for $1 to $5.  I also picked up something to share with a friend I knew they’d love, so how fun is it to give a treat to a friend for $1?    


Target also has great finds for $1 to $2.50 as well.  I found wrapping paper, scrapbooking cards and fun tin pails or covered boxes to use for a gift box, candy or favors, all for a $1 each.  


So pick up a few things for $1 or look through your own stash of stuff you already have around the house and see what you can do.   Check back again to see what I did with my fun finds and let me know how creative you were and what your fun $1 find was.


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