A Passion For Creativity

Unleash Your Creativity, by Mary Sara Pipia

Creative Road Trip February 16, 2009

I had a fun weekend.  Even though it was cold, the sun was out and it’s amazing what seeing the sun for a few days in a row will do for you.  Some of the snow has melted and no storms this weekend.  In order to help some local scrapbooking businesses during a slow time, 12 local scrapbook stores in the area got together and put together a Shop Hop Pass that you purchase.  You visit all the stores during January and February and get a 20% discount.  If you visit all stores and turn your Pass in by the end of February, you’re entered into a drawing for gift certificates to the participating stores.  What a great way to support local businesses and at the same time you’re able to save some money, see new stores and meet other people that love crafts. 


So with the weather on my side, I got up on Saturday and visited four stores.  It was great to have the sun out, be in the car on a drive that gave me time to think.  The furthest store was over an hour away, but I mapped out the route and did a loop.  My Google directions were pretty accurate.  Two of the stores I visited had classes going on, so it was fun to see what they were doing. 

I picked up a couple of new things, got some ideas for cards and saw products that I hadn’t seen before.  Each store had a unique feeling and set up and while products were similar at each store, they each had different patterns, styles and product lines.  Staff and customers at the stores were very friendly and helpful and I got to talk to people who share my love of paper crafting.  I also got to try a new product at one of the stores that was doing a make and take that was pretty cool.   What a fun way to spend the day. 


The next time you are feeling stumped or the creative juices aren’t flowing, why not try something different and go to an area or store that is either close by or a little drive (within an hour) that you normally don’t go to.  Maybe sign up and take a class just for fun.  You never know what you might find and maybe you might even make a new friend, find that item that you were looking for or just went for a ride in the car to give you some thinking time.


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