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Oscars – A breath of fresh air February 23, 2009

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Did you see the Oscars last night?  While, I thought the show was a breath of fresh air.  I loved Hugh Jackman and his showmanship.  How fun was the opening number?  It was so creative and different.  I loved that they had the stage much smaller and that it was in the “round.’  How inventive was that?  I thought that the stage setting with the crystal arch surrounding the curtains and the orchestra on the stage instead of in the pit made them part of the show. 


I also loved that they brought back past winners to applaud the current nominees.  How inspirational and what a wonderful way to show appreciation for their work.  How do you show appreciation for someone who you think is special in your life?  What about the coworker who’s having a bad day or helps you with that project?  Why not send them a card or handwritten note saying thank you.  Sometimes I leave a piece of chocolate on their desk when they are at lunch.  Just because.  I brought my mother her favorite  fudge on Saturday just because.  She loved the unexpected gesture.  What do you do that’s unexpected to show someone you care? 

Did you watch the Oscars?  What did you think about the show?   Did you see how inventive and creative it was this year?   What do you do to show appreciation to those who are special in your life?  Please post a comment and share your thoughts and ideas.


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