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March comes in like a Lion March 2, 2009

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For those of us who live in the Northeast, March arrived like the roar of a lion.  Here in the New England area, some areas received over a foot of snow and the temperature is once again in the teens and 20’s.  Schools were closed and some people didn’t make it into the office today.  It’s hard to believe that it was in the 50’s last Friday, giving us a tease for spring.  I was just thinking that at last all the snow had finally disappeared after all the previous storms and now we have several inches on the ground again.  But then, this is New England, so March is known for it’s surprise snow storms.  1st-snowfall-12-7-08-001

So, what do you do when a snow storm strikes?  What inspires you?  The fresh snow falling down or as my friend mentioned to me, what about making snow angels with your kids or bringing out the inner kid in you?  I love how the snow looks after it falls and nothing has marred it yet.  It’s clean and crisp and just glistens.  Rather than complain about the cold and the commute, how long it took the plows to come, which at my condo can take a long time, think of it as a gift of the wonder of nature.   Take the kids sledding.  Take out your camera and snap some pictures of the snow, the trees and whatever catches your eye.   I encourage you to take even just 5 minutes and look around and just enjoy the experience of a fresh new fallen snow.  (PS – if you don’t live in the Northeast, then enjoy that rain storm or even a sunny day.) 

So what do you do during a storm?


One Response to “March comes in like a Lion”

  1. Jacki Says:

    Mary Sara, you are a beautiful writer – you should write a book! Your words and thoughts are really wonderful. Now that you have a great camera, you could even be the photographer in your book as well! Very nice blog.

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