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Quick Easter Centerpiece Ideas April 8, 2009

It’s a busier week than I thought, but wanted to post ideas for two simple and easy ideas for an Easter centerpiece.  jelly-bean-centerpiece-w-flowers_quick-and-simple

I got an email from Quick and Simple with a couple of Easter ideas.  I love this idea and have done it before.  You need to size vases – a small/medium and a medium/large.  You take the smaller size vase and put it in the center of the larger size vase and fill the space between the two vases with jelly beans, M&M’s or a favorite candy.   Then fill the smaller vase with some water and your favorite flowers – tulips or daffodils (shown here) are fun for Easter.  You have a fun, colorful centerpiece in about 10 minutes. 

I also picked up the lastest edition of Better Homes and Garden magazine.  It also has some fun, ideas.  Check out their seasonal and spring centerpiece ideas.  I love the one with the filled colored, dyed eggs and the flowers in the centerpiece.  esater-egg-vase_bhgFun to use real eggs, but you could also use the leftover plastic eggs that you fill with candy for the kids or use for Easter egg hunts.   They also have some great ideas for other Easter decorations and crafts. 

Do you have a fun idea for a centerpiece?  Please leave a comment.


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