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Amazing Creative Friday October 11, 2009

Last month I signed up to take a class on a Friday afternoon with Tim Holtz at Ink About It, a stamping/scrapbook store in Westford, MA.  Wow, what an inspiration and opportunity.  Tim is Director of Education for Ranger Industries and designs his own line of products and stamps and inspires you to do amazing things.  Tim teaches classes all over the world and attends trade shows to demo and teach.  So, it was exciting to have him teaching so close to home and being able to take a class. 

Gettying Ready for Class

Gettying Ready for Class

 It was a rainy, cool Friday, so I took the afternoon off from work to be creative.  I learned how to bind a book and about metal embossing using metal and tools from Ten Second Studios.  Five hours of intense, creative juices flowing.  Tim is a great teacher and puts things in terms you can understand.  When teaching the kettle stitch he used the analogy of pouring a cup of tea, which as a tea drinker, I related to it perfectly and will remember that the next time I go to do book binding. 

Jenn Shurkus was also there and I had taken an Amuse stamp Halloween card class with her the night before, so it was fun to have a buddy in class that you could share the experience with.  I wish I had been able to sign up for his other classes but they sold out within a few hours of being offered.  What an absolutely fun afternoon.   I never thought I would enjoy this class as much as I did.

My friend Jacki was a bit jealous that she couldn’t attend with me and I wished she had been able to with me, but she loved the Tim Holtz sweatshirt I picked up for her. I have her to thank for turning me onto Tim Holtz, so I thought it only fitting to bring her a sweatshirt.  I have another treat for her that she doesn’t know about for her birthday, but opps, I guess she willl if she reads this.

It was worth the two hours of traffic and construction on a Friday night it took to get home compared to the 50 minutes it took to get there in the middle of the day with no traffic.

So who’s an amazing teacher that you have taken a class with that stretched your creativity? Or have you taken a classs with Tim? Post a comment and share your experience. 

Me and Tim Holtz after class

Me and Tim Holtz after class


3 Responses to “Amazing Creative Friday”

  1. Jacki Says:

    Jealous? Me? of you and Tim???? Damn right! I’m so glad you went and had a great time – five wonderful hours with Tim. 🙂 And I LOVE my sweatshirt – have it on right now. And my surprise Tim bag and stamps for my birthday are just the best! Love it all….thanks so much, Mary Sara. Maybe one day we can take one of Tim’s classes together!

  2. Millie Says:

    I think that one day soon, YOU could give these classes. You’re that good.

  3. Brenda B Says:

    I am jealous too! Although, I have taken a class with Tim at Colorful Creations last year. His grungeboard album. Isn’t he amazing, and funny too! I have a signed colorful creations bag that I use but not often enough. Hope to see you soon.

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