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Unleash Your Creativity, by Mary Sara Pipia

A December Weekend December 14, 2009

Where is the month of December going?  I took Friday off to get some things done and it was extremely cold so it slowed me down a bit.   Saturday, I ended up staying in and worked on decorating my home and finished decorating my Christmas tree.  I went out to find tinsel for the tree, like we used when I was growing up and can’t find it.  Does anyone use tinsel any more?  Not sure where to find it, any one have suggestions? 

Sunday was a fun day spent at my cousin’s.  We made chocolate covered pretzels and peppermint bark and this fun party mix that we had at Thanksgiving and that I have to stop eating.   We learned that white chocolate is very temperamental and doesn’t like to be combined with peppermint oil.  It was a fun day and my cousin’s four-year old son was very helpful with decorating the chocolate covered pretzels.  He had a lot of fun and was so excited to share with his nursery school class today.  

Tonight, I tried to make  Ghiradelli English Toffee for the first time as it’s one of my favorite treats and a good present, but not sure that I cooked it long enough even though the candy thermometer registered  the correct temperature.  It looks good, so I’ll see what it tastes like tomorrow.  I’m going to be packaging it up for gifts this year. 

This weekend, I’ll start baking as well, in between a dinner party, wrapping presents and an Open House.  What are your favorite recipes at the holidays?  My dad’s mother baked at the holidays and a lot of my holiday cookie recipes come from her.  This is one tradition that I do every year.  Sometimes I make as many as eight or ten different cookies.  I still have the recipes written in my grandmother’s handwriting even though it’s starting to fade and is well-loved and used.  I’ll be making chocolate chips, brownies, toffee cookies (my mother’s favorites) and will see after that. 

While, off to finish Christmas cards so please leave a comment and let me know what you’re doing to get ready for Christmas and your favorite holiday tradition.


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