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Welcome Spring March 21, 2010

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Just wanted to say Welcome Spring and good-bye winter.  The first day of spring arrived Saturday afternoon and here in the Boston area, we truly got a taste of it.  It got up to 70 in the Boston area and the sun was shining.  After the previous week of non-stop rain for four days and major flooding in the area, it felt wonderful to go out the door without the heavy winter coat, gloves and scarf.  But since this is New England, tomorrow it will back to the 40’s and more normal springtime temperatures.

What do you do to celebrate spring?  I find that I want to go outside, that I love it being light at night leaving work and want to start going in early so I can get out early.  Once this rib heals, I can’t wait to start walking again and in a few weeks be able to take out the golf clubs.  I  like to start organizing again, and I love bringing out spring colors – pinks, greens, blues – and can’t wait to switch to a lighter jacket.   Post a comment as to what you do to celebrate the arrival of spring.  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Spring!


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