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A Muse Studio – July Spotlight July 15, 2011

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TGIF and what better day for new monthly specials?  It’s the 15th of the month and A Muse Studio has a new Spotlight release.  Save 10% on certain stamp sets and pick up an assorted selection of papers in yummy colors from now until the middle of August.  These are perfect for your summer crafting.  Check out my web site for all the details. 

Check back next week for more inspiration.  Happy weekend.


A Muse Studio June Spotlight July 12, 2011

I hope that everyone is surviving this heat.  Here in New England, second day of 90 plus degrees.  Thank goodness for air conditioned offices.  Wasn’t it just a few months ago we were talking about how cold it was and couldn’t wait for the heat? 

There are only a few more days left for the June A Muse Studio Spotlight where you can save 10% off certain stamp sets.  There is also a complimentary set of assorted paper pack.  Here are a couple of ideas the A Muse Studio team came up with using the stamp sets featured in the June Spotlight.  

Love the Sea Shell set and the Life’s A Breeze is perfect for summer time. 

What about the Mad for Plaids set?  Great idea to stamp paper and wrap up Hershey’s miniatures and tie with some ribbon or twine.  Perfect idea for a favor for a bridal shower or summer birthday party?

Check out my web shop for details.  Check back this weekend for our July Spotlight.  Happy creating and stay cool.


A Muse Studio Open House Workshop May 2, 2011

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In March, I joined A Muse Studio, which came out of A Muse Artstamps, one of my favorite stamp companies.  I am now Senior Creative Consultant and am hosting local workshops using some of my favorite stamps.  My new web shop is live and I invite you to visit it at www.amusestudio.com/marysara., where you can shop online, get inspiration and contact me.  I am so excited to be part of this brand-new company that will allow me to explore my creative side when I’m not busy being an executive assistant by day. 

One of my Make and Takes at my launch workshop on May 1st is this cute M&M Treat Bag.  All supplies are by A Muse Studio except for the M&M’s, of course. 

If you are interested in learning more aobut A Muse Studio, please contact me.  Remember to do something creative today.


December – Where did you come from? December 9, 2009

I can’t believe that it is already December 9th.  Where is the time going?  I know it’s December because here in Boston/New England, last week it was 70 degrees and today some areas North and West of Boston and New England got walloped with snow.  It’s been just crazy weather. 

Once again, it’s been a while since I posted anything of real substance.  I caught a virus in mid-November before Thanksgiving, it wasn’t the flu, but it’s been dragging on.  So my best laid plans to share ideas with you for this Christmas season have gone a bit astray.  I love this time of the year, but not when I’m still a tad under the weather.   I did get my tree up on Monday evening and the lights are working and decorating it this weekend.

I hope to finish the Christmas cards that I started this weekend.  I will post them after I have mailed them out as I wouldn’t want someone to see the card before they get it.   I actually did a couple of different ones and really enjoy designing them.   I have also enjoyed looking at Tim Holtz’s 12 Tags of Christmas.  He does an amazing job each day and I encourage you to go and check them out and find some inspiration in them.  

I just wanted to give you a quick  update of what’s been going on and promise that I will post again in the next week with some ideas and pictures of projects I’m working on.  Hoping to make some gift tags this weekend, finish some Christmas presents and I’m going over to my cousin’s on Saturday and we’re going to have a fun time making some candy for presents.  YUMMY!

What do you like to do this time of the year?  Where do you find inspiration?  What’s your favorite holiday memory?  Post a comment here to let me know.   I will try and post over the weekend and let you know how the candy making goes, so I hope that you come back and visit again.  Until then, have a great night and do something creative this weekend and enjoy the Christmas season.


Amazing Creative Friday October 11, 2009

Last month I signed up to take a class on a Friday afternoon with Tim Holtz at Ink About It, a stamping/scrapbook store in Westford, MA.  Wow, what an inspiration and opportunity.  Tim is Director of Education for Ranger Industries and designs his own line of products and stamps and inspires you to do amazing things.  Tim teaches classes all over the world and attends trade shows to demo and teach.  So, it was exciting to have him teaching so close to home and being able to take a class. 

Gettying Ready for Class

Gettying Ready for Class

 It was a rainy, cool Friday, so I took the afternoon off from work to be creative.  I learned how to bind a book and about metal embossing using metal and tools from Ten Second Studios.  Five hours of intense, creative juices flowing.  Tim is a great teacher and puts things in terms you can understand.  When teaching the kettle stitch he used the analogy of pouring a cup of tea, which as a tea drinker, I related to it perfectly and will remember that the next time I go to do book binding. 

Jenn Shurkus was also there and I had taken an Amuse stamp Halloween card class with her the night before, so it was fun to have a buddy in class that you could share the experience with.  I wish I had been able to sign up for his other classes but they sold out within a few hours of being offered.  What an absolutely fun afternoon.   I never thought I would enjoy this class as much as I did.

My friend Jacki was a bit jealous that she couldn’t attend with me and I wished she had been able to with me, but she loved the Tim Holtz sweatshirt I picked up for her. I have her to thank for turning me onto Tim Holtz, so I thought it only fitting to bring her a sweatshirt.  I have another treat for her that she doesn’t know about for her birthday, but opps, I guess she willl if she reads this.

It was worth the two hours of traffic and construction on a Friday night it took to get home compared to the 50 minutes it took to get there in the middle of the day with no traffic.

So who’s an amazing teacher that you have taken a class with that stretched your creativity? Or have you taken a classs with Tim? Post a comment and share your experience. 

Me and Tim Holtz after class

Me and Tim Holtz after class


Creative Road Trip February 16, 2009

I had a fun weekend.  Even though it was cold, the sun was out and it’s amazing what seeing the sun for a few days in a row will do for you.  Some of the snow has melted and no storms this weekend.  In order to help some local scrapbooking businesses during a slow time, 12 local scrapbook stores in the area got together and put together a Shop Hop Pass that you purchase.  You visit all the stores during January and February and get a 20% discount.  If you visit all stores and turn your Pass in by the end of February, you’re entered into a drawing for gift certificates to the participating stores.  What a great way to support local businesses and at the same time you’re able to save some money, see new stores and meet other people that love crafts. 


So with the weather on my side, I got up on Saturday and visited four stores.  It was great to have the sun out, be in the car on a drive that gave me time to think.  The furthest store was over an hour away, but I mapped out the route and did a loop.  My Google directions were pretty accurate.  Two of the stores I visited had classes going on, so it was fun to see what they were doing. 

I picked up a couple of new things, got some ideas for cards and saw products that I hadn’t seen before.  Each store had a unique feeling and set up and while products were similar at each store, they each had different patterns, styles and product lines.  Staff and customers at the stores were very friendly and helpful and I got to talk to people who share my love of paper crafting.  I also got to try a new product at one of the stores that was doing a make and take that was pretty cool.   What a fun way to spend the day. 


The next time you are feeling stumped or the creative juices aren’t flowing, why not try something different and go to an area or store that is either close by or a little drive (within an hour) that you normally don’t go to.  Maybe sign up and take a class just for fun.  You never know what you might find and maybe you might even make a new friend, find that item that you were looking for or just went for a ride in the car to give you some thinking time.


Creativity for a $1 January 28, 2009

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Most of my friends know that I love to shop and I love a bargain even more.  On Monday night after work, I went into Michael’s Arts and Craft store, one of my favorite haunts.  If you have never been you need to check it out.  They have $1 bins filled with all sorts of fun finds.  So,when I walked in and saw the new stuff they have in their $1 bins, I couldn’t believe the jackpot I hit.  For a $1 you can get everything from scrapbooking items, thank you notes, napkins, coasters, gardening gloves and even plastic plates and bowls.


For $5, I got a shaped chipboard album, paper, a roll of ribbon, journal tags and either stickers or chipboard accent pieces.  Everything matched, so what a bonus for the side of me that likes to have everything coordinated.   You can add your own pictures, journaling and instant album.  You can break apart the album and use them as gift tags, journaling, an accent on a scrapbook page, or possibly invitations?  Lots of options and all for $1 to $5.  I also picked up something to share with a friend I knew they’d love, so how fun is it to give a treat to a friend for $1?    


Target also has great finds for $1 to $2.50 as well.  I found wrapping paper, scrapbooking cards and fun tin pails or covered boxes to use for a gift box, candy or favors, all for a $1 each.  


So pick up a few things for $1 or look through your own stash of stuff you already have around the house and see what you can do.   Check back again to see what I did with my fun finds and let me know how creative you were and what your fun $1 find was.