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Where is Summer? July 23, 2009

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Hello.  I know that I’ve only posted sporadically lately and honestly, I just don’t know where the time has gone.  As I sit here this afternoon writing this, it is raining yet again and only 62 out and a huge rain storm is heading this way tonight.  It’s jean and sweatshirt weather.  It’s saying it will hit 80’s this weekend.  We can only hope.  New England/Boston has not had a summer this year.  We’ve had about two days that we’ve reached 80 degrees since May. 

Since I have a summer birthday and love the summer and summer activities (Cape Cod, golf, day trips, walking along the beach in the early evening, dining outside with friends), this summer feels more like spring or fall.  Where has summer gone?  Can we even call it summer?  Someone at work today said there are only five weekends left of summer and I thought NO! I need more summer.  I’ve played golf a handful of times and done none of my usually summer activities.  When the sun comes out you don’t want to go to work, you just want to take advantage of it.  It puts everyone in a good mood.

A few weekends ago, I took a couple of fun classes and made 12 Christmas cards in July.  Classes were down the Cape, one of my favorite places to go.  I was able to stay with my very close friend and her family so I didn’t have to drive back and forth two days in a row.  It was so nice and I didn’t run into the normal heavy Cape traffic that weekend, much to my pleasure.   The missing sun even decided to came out after class, so I got in a little sun in as well.  That weekend I had a lot of fun and was able to combine some of my favorite things despite the weather–Cape, friends, and being creative.

Even though the sun seems to have taken it’s own vacation this summer here in Boston/New England and where we’d really like it to come back and the rain and cool weather to go on vacation, you can still be creative and have fun.   What are some of the fun things that you are doing this summer? Post a comment and share something you enjoy. 

So, here’s to the rest of July and hopefully when I go on vacation in mid-August, the sun will come back from its vacation.


Oscars – A breath of fresh air February 23, 2009

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Did you see the Oscars last night?  While, I thought the show was a breath of fresh air.  I loved Hugh Jackman and his showmanship.  How fun was the opening number?  It was so creative and different.  I loved that they had the stage much smaller and that it was in the “round.’  How inventive was that?  I thought that the stage setting with the crystal arch surrounding the curtains and the orchestra on the stage instead of in the pit made them part of the show. 


I also loved that they brought back past winners to applaud the current nominees.  How inspirational and what a wonderful way to show appreciation for their work.  How do you show appreciation for someone who you think is special in your life?  What about the coworker who’s having a bad day or helps you with that project?  Why not send them a card or handwritten note saying thank you.  Sometimes I leave a piece of chocolate on their desk when they are at lunch.  Just because.  I brought my mother her favorite  fudge on Saturday just because.  She loved the unexpected gesture.  What do you do that’s unexpected to show someone you care? 

Did you watch the Oscars?  What did you think about the show?   Did you see how inventive and creative it was this year?   What do you do to show appreciation to those who are special in your life?  Please post a comment and share your thoughts and ideas.


Creativity for a $1 January 28, 2009

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Most of my friends know that I love to shop and I love a bargain even more.  On Monday night after work, I went into Michael’s Arts and Craft store, one of my favorite haunts.  If you have never been you need to check it out.  They have $1 bins filled with all sorts of fun finds.  So,when I walked in and saw the new stuff they have in their $1 bins, I couldn’t believe the jackpot I hit.  For a $1 you can get everything from scrapbooking items, thank you notes, napkins, coasters, gardening gloves and even plastic plates and bowls.


For $5, I got a shaped chipboard album, paper, a roll of ribbon, journal tags and either stickers or chipboard accent pieces.  Everything matched, so what a bonus for the side of me that likes to have everything coordinated.   You can add your own pictures, journaling and instant album.  You can break apart the album and use them as gift tags, journaling, an accent on a scrapbook page, or possibly invitations?  Lots of options and all for $1 to $5.  I also picked up something to share with a friend I knew they’d love, so how fun is it to give a treat to a friend for $1?    


Target also has great finds for $1 to $2.50 as well.  I found wrapping paper, scrapbooking cards and fun tin pails or covered boxes to use for a gift box, candy or favors, all for a $1 each.  


So pick up a few things for $1 or look through your own stash of stuff you already have around the house and see what you can do.   Check back again to see what I did with my fun finds and let me know how creative you were and what your fun $1 find was.