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Happy Father’s Day June 21, 2009

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Just wanted to wish all those dads out there a Happy Father’s Day.  My dad lives across the country from me, so I don’t get to see him except for once or twice a year.  He recently visited last month for my brother’s birthday.  It was nice to see him again. 

For Father’s Day, I sent my dad a card with a note. Since we live on opposite coasts, there’s no Father’s Day barbecue’s like when I was growing up.  No more ties either, since my dad doesn’t really wear ties any more except for special occasions.  I remember a couple of the ties we’ve given him over the years and he was always a good sport about them.  How many ties did you give your dad for Father’s Day when you were growing up?

One of my favorite memories is the time we tried to make caramel or candy apples in the kitchen.  It was pretty much a disaster but we had a lot of fun and I still remember that he was willing to try and make them with me and my sister. I think we ended up burning the mixture or they were so hard that it could have broken your teeth on the mixture.  But we had a fun afternoon and I still have that memory of my dad not being the businessman but doing something different to have a fun afternoon with me and my sister.

So, enjoy this family day and if your dad lives away make sure to call him and wish him a Happy Father’s Day and maybe share a fun memory about growing up.  Or if he’s close by and you see him, create a new memory today. If he has passed away, think about and remember some of those memories that made you feel good or reminds you about your dad.  Feel free to leave a comment and share what you remember about your dad.